Find the right price and doctor for your medical procedure

EasyMed™ connects patients with a network of providers that will bid on your procedure.  Get upfront and transparent pricing for all your medical needs.

EasyMed™ provides transparency and quality scores to connect patients with providers.


We make it easy to find the best price and quality provider for your procedure.  Select your desired procedure, enter your location and providers will provide an all inclusive price.  Our quality scores will help you decide which provider is best for you.


We connect doctors, facilities and service providers with patients that need their service.  Our unique platform gives you access to the patients up to date medical record so you can provide an accurate bid.  Learn how we can connect you with more patients.


Medical costs are rising while reimbursement rates are dropping.  Our platform will help keep costs in line while provider a better quality of care.  Direct to consumer services are on the rise and we help connect all parties for lower costs and better outcomes.

Part of the EHRchain™ Platform

EasyMed™ is built on the EHRchain™ platform which provides timely and easy access to a patients medical record.  Our patient first platform allows files to be shared easily between providers without the hassle of tracking down fragmented records.

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